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We helped HopeHealth drive awareness of its hospice service, leading to a double-digit increase in hospice census.

"We don't see a …"


HopeHealth — a leading provider of services and support to the chronic and seriously ill and their families — needed to develop an awareness and lead generation approach to reach their targets and expand their geographies in support of their key services.

HopeHealth’s key service is hospice care and the organization needed to promote this service in their core and secondary markets and differentiate Hope Hospice from other providers in the area.


Seasonal timing was the key to success. Many decisions around hospice care are discussed doing the Thanksgiving and December holiday season.

We recommended online as the most successful tactic to allow us to target the message through search-driven criteria. Showcasing HopeHealth’s philosophy of care drove our messaging approaches.

“We don’t see a man dying, We see him living” and “We don’t see the terminal illness. We see living life on your terms.” worked perfectly to differentiate Hope Hospice. And using sensitive, engaging visual images drove home the positive message hope brings. “Find Hope in Hospice” further drove home the brand message and the Learn More button linked to the Hope Hospice landing page.


This online campaign was differentiating for Hope Hospice, meeting branding goals and generated significant results — far above expectation.

  • In 6 weeks the campaign brought 9,700+ unique visitors to the website, over 300 per day.
  • Generated an extremely high click rate of .93%.
  • Hospice census has increased by 10% since the inception of this campaign.
  • The emotional and respectful approach to creative has been credited for producing outstanding results.
  • Visits to the HopeHealth website have dramatically increased (by 300%) correlated to this online effort.

Hospice census increased by 10% since the inception of this campaign.

The Campaign