Bennett Group Process & Services

Healthcare marketing begins with discovery that informs strategy that sparks creativity that results in performance.

At Bennett Group, we merge information and insight with strategic and creative thought to craft marketing and messaging approaches that turn customer interest into action and transform your audience into loyal fans.

Bennett Group
Where discovery, strategy and creativity exist as one.


Our insider knowledge and outsider perspective uncovers your “sweet spot” to meet your customer’s needs.


Our deep insights and inspired thinking helps you achieve unparalleled success.


Our insatiable curiosity leads to inspiring creativity to help you convert an audience into your biggest fans.


Our focus on results — measurement, response, ROI — helps you succeed and build on that success over time.

Our 7-Step Process

We know success doesn’t just happen.

That’s why we walk our clients through our seven-step process to ensure every campaign, initiative and project exceeds expectations.


Step 1 Listen

We start by gaining a deep understanding of our clients and their challenges — from their organization to their community to their hidden obstacles. We ensure everyone is heard by involving key stakeholders (especially customers!) and digging to uncover the often unseen factors and challenges that could affect success. We are equally comfortable conversing with physicians, board members, clinicians, patients, donors and business and community leaders.


Step 2 Evaluate

We take what we have heard and dive deeply into research, employing a variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches, to ensure we have fully analyzed the situation. Our goal is to help our clients connect the dots that will lead to sound strategy, effective creative execution and impressive results.


Step 3 Strategize

This is where we fuse brand strategy with goals, mission and vision. We take everything we have heard, combine it with all of the research we have conducted and blend in our decades of healthcare marketing and branding insights to develop strategic solutions. We then circle back with key stakeholders to pressure test our ideas to see how they might hold up in the real world.


Step 4 Decide

This is where planning turns into action as we articulate a clear marketing tactical strategy that is tied to the institutional goals. This is where authenticity is key — ensuring a strategy and messaging will be seen as genuine by all audiences. Then we map out and build creative approaches and marketing tactics to achieve our client’s goals and build a case for support.


Step 5 Engage

Before we launch, we always want to “close the listening loop” with those who have helped inform our strategy. We share our plans and rationale with those who helped inform the strategy. This helps build support and excitement and helps us to create bona fide and passionate brand ambassadors.


Step 6 Launch

Now it’s time to let our ideas get to work! Launches are always exciting, but we never let the euphoria of a launch keep us from listening — and learning. We know that this is one of the most important times to listen and, when necessary, iterate and make adjustments to ensure a campaign never loses sight of its ultimate goal.


Step 7 Measure

Success must be measured — and measurement starts with clear objectives and goals. In fact, measurement is one of the first things we think about. We work with our clients to develop clear and attainable targets and deploy measurement tools to help them understand and evaluate success.

Bennett Group Services


  • Market research
  • Brand development & positioning
  • Marketing plan development
  • Account planning & strategy


  • Social media campaigns
  • Website integration
  • Search engine marketing & search engine optimization
  • Building online communities


  • Strategic media planning & buying
  • Competitive media research
  • Marketplace media analysis





  • Advertising: Radio, TV, print, out of home
  • Direct marketing programs
  • Social media campaigns
  • Collateral & communications development
  • Recruitment advertising & marketing
  • Public relations
  • Internal communications
  • Institutional & executive messaging
  • Philanthropy/development messaging
  • Interactive/online
  • Event & sponsorship promotions
  • Audio/visual communications & presentations
  • Website design
  • Corporate identity design




Brandstorming Day®

Our Brandstorming Day® is a single day event that builds the foundation for branding, positioning or campaign development. It helps our clients and their leadership teams think like marketers and yields valuable insights to both client and agency.

Our expert strategists will lead an interactive session where key leaders and decision makers in your organization are taken through a series of exercises that helps your organization focus on key messages and strategies:

  • Who you are.
  • What services or products you provide.
  • Why you deliver it better than your competition.
  • What your customer promise is.
  • How your product or service fills the needs of your customers.

Our unique Brandstorming Day creates an environment that fosters idea sharing and helps share perceptions and goals for your institution:

  • Share ideas, beliefs and insights.
  • Gain better understanding and create a common vision.
  • Create a common set of marketing messages to be used across all media.
  • Identify an appropriate “voice,” tone and direction for your brand or message development.
  • Develop a successful brand positioning.
  • Give your leadership a sense of authorship in the process that ensures “sell through.”
  • Create a positioning statement that can be used internally and externally.

Try a Bennett Group Brandstorming Day today to kickstart your marketing engine.