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It’s Best of Show … Again!

We are thrilled to announce that the New England Society for Healthcare Communications has awarded its coveted Best in New England Lamplighter to Bennett Group for our work with Exeter Hospital to create and promote …

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Taking a different point of view

In today's healthcare world of "me, too" messaging, it's never been more important to listen to the consumer and develop marketing strategies that embrace the patient story to lend credibility and differentiate brand. Honoring "the patient perspective" …

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New ideas in behavioral health marketing

Marketing behavioral medicine services requires new thinking and sensitivity toward messaging development, along with creative thinking around ways to reach referral channels. Doug Bennett, Bennett Group agency president, talks about these challenges and ways to …

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7 ways to think strategically – and win.

We’ve all heard that success is part inspiration and part perspiration. Well, in the world of healthcare marketing and advertising we should consider adding strategy execution to this mantra. We share 7 ways to think strategically — and how that can mean the difference between blockbuster and lackluster results for your advertising or marketing program.

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The doctor is in. But how do patients choose one?

How do patients choose doctors? That’s the $10,000 question, or the $5,100 question, depending on your reimbursement rate. We share some lessons we have learned about how to bring some focus and understanding to this important question.

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Engaging senior leadership in the marketing cause

As marketing professionals, we have a very good understanding of the methods, tools and approaches needed to get our job done. But frequently the powers that be — senior leadership and the board at institutions — have a “loose” understanding of what marketing is, its value and how it’s done. Here are some strategies to engage senior leadership to think like marketers. And why it’s worth it.

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Physician Referral Marketing. Why you need it.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and communications with your physicians — and developing information-based strategy with integrated tactics as ways of targeting them — will affect your bottom line. We share some ideas to get you there.

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